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There was a time when you left the care of your home - your castle - and your biggest monetary investment to a friend, neighbor or relative when you went on holiday. As lifestyles have become busier, insurance requirements more stringent, neighbors less known and families more distant - who do you ask to check on your home when you can't be there?

With over 40 years’ experience in the security industry and law enforcement, Housesitters Inc is experienced, reliable and always available. Housesitters Inc fulfills your home insurance requirements by making regular checks on your home, usually 48-hour checks. We follow a checklist and provide a monitoring log sheet.

We feed pets, especially cats and sometimes dogs depending on their needs. Some of our happiest 4-legged clients include Sandy, Smokey, Roxy, Angeline, Lilly, Willow, Sasha, Tipper, Ted, and Mia. We have fur-kids ourselves and know how we want them cared for.

We take the trash and recycling to the curb on a required day, remove flyers from the front door and mailbox, water plants and other services as necessary. Some services, such as additional lawn care, may require additional charges. Concierge errand and wait services are also available.

Housesitters Inc. services Ladysmith, BC, Chemainus, BC, Crofton, BC and Nanaimo, BC. We are proud former law enforcement personnel that are lending a hand to our community with the most affordable and best house sitting, senior services and pet sitting services. We are licensed and insured and here to serve you.
Housesitters Inc provides key holding service - either a physical key or alarm company call out number for regular clients as part of our service.
Housesitters Inc provides delivery and pick up from the airport, ferry or other point of departure or arrival.
Housesitters Inc is operated by a 30 year retired RCMP member currently working in corporate security and licensed as a BC Private Investigator. All personnel entering your home are fully insured and police checked.

Rates for Housesitters Inc


Basic house check rates are as follows:
• 48 hour checks long term (more than one calendar month) $225 per month
• 48 hour checks less than one calendar month $20 per visit
• 72 hour or long weekend only checks $25 per visit
• Key holding - physical key or alarm company - no charge for regular clients
• Delivery to, or pick up at, the Nanaimo airport or ferry terminal $50
If booking house checks for more than 3 consecutive months, this service is included at no additional charge
• Custom or off-hour delivery or pick up - please request a quote
Quoted rates are plus GST

Reliable. Secure. Worry-free.