Security Services & copsunlimited


Honouring Forever

Cst. Chelsey Robinson
Reg. #58586

June 21st, 2010
Stony Plain, Alberta


Our Security Services Include:

• Criminal background checks
• Legal document service & court filings
• Security consultation
• Asset protection & camp service
• Witness interview/obtaining statements
• Expedited point to point delivery of documents
• Transport of valuable goods
• Client/witness transportation to court
• Licensed private investigator

RCMP trained security driving services are available

Security Services & copsunlimited



Security services are provided by retired RCMP or other related law enforcement agencies.


VAC 24 HOUR TOLL FREE CRISIS LINE SERVICE 1-800-268-7708 (members and families)

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Visit Constable Chelsey Robinson Park in Parkland County.
Visit Constable Chelsey Robinson Park in Parkland County